Chechnya Protest at Aotea Square - Auckland

18 APR 2017

The Protest Action group lead by organiser Aatir Zaidi held a
'Chechnya Protest' in Aotea Square and around 150 LGBTI and a
number of straight allies turned up in support, in protest to more
than 100 gay men are being held in a detention Centre in Chechnya,
Russia. Labour MP Louisa Wall was amongst the protestors and also
made a speech with 5 others against what is happening in Chechnya
at the moment. Photos supplied by Andrea

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Chechnya Protest-01
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Chechnya Protest-02
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Chechnya Protest-03
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Chechnya Protest-04
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Chechnya Protest-05
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Chechnya Protest-06
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Chechnya Protest-07
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Chechnya Protest-08
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Chechnya Protest-09
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Chechnya Protest-10
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Chechnya Protest-11
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Chechnya Protest-12
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Chechnya Protest-13
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Chechnya Protest-14
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Chechnya Protest-15
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Chechnya Protest-16
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Chechnya Protest-17
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Chechnya Protest-18
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Chechnya Protest-19
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Chechnya Protest-20
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Chechnya Protest-21
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Chechnya Protest-22
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Chechnya Protest-23
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Chechnya Protest-24
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