Posted: 26th May 2017

With just days to go until 'retires' on Wednesday we'd like to say our goodbyes and reflect on some unfinished business other journalists might like to pursue.

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 Help yourself now!
Posted: 19th May 2017
With just over twelve days left before goes off online now's the time to take copies of any of over 18,000 news stories and features you might want for future reference!

 Trans behind bars: Tama's story, Pt 2
Posted: 17th May 2017
Just as Tama was beginning to get his life together a challenging night ended in disaster, court and now prison. But he's finding a way to keep building the future he wants.

 A Nasty Case of Transphobic Ventriloquism
Posted: 15th May 2017
Family First is misbehaving on the transgender rights front again, as its derivative, copycat, orchestrated anti-transgender school campaign stalls and splutters. What do the New Zealand Christian Right's core transphobes have to say this time? Nothing original, or even new.

 Problems in healthcare
Posted: 15th May 2017
With a number of queer women in Auckland revealing they have been misinformed about smear testing, we chat to health researcher Katie Palmer Du Preez about the experiences of young women she has interviewed in regard to healthcare.

Trans behind bars: Tama's story
Farewell Tony Hughes - Pt2
Farewell Tony Hughes (not an obituary!)
Fake News First?

History: When We Rise
Posted: 3rd March 2017
As a drama the reviews are mixed but as a chronicle of the birth of the gay rights movement in the USA the TV series When We Rise is definitely worth watching. (March 14 to 14 only)

The origins of Gay Pride
Looking back: George Michael

Help yourself now!
A Nasty Case of Transphobic Ventriloquism

PrEPping Scotland - And Wales?
Posted: 4th May 2017
NHS Scotland has just authorised its distribution and public funding across the northernmost component of the United Kingdom.

Health & HIV: Written questions for the Minister
The PrEP Underground, UK-style
New 'Ending HIV' website launched today

Malingering in the Cathedral
Posted: 3rd May 2017
This is the third and final Politics and Religion farewell article, focusing last and definitely least on our inept and incompetent enemies within the New Zealand Christian Right.

The German Spring
The Way They Were: Global LGBTI Rights
The Way We Were

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 TV Guide from 2003 - 2017
After 14 years of doing the LGBTI+ Television Guide for it is time for me to say goodbye to you all. As comes to a close on the 31 May 2017, I say thanks to all those over the years, who reminded me about TV shows or movies that I missed.
Below is the very last week from me of the LGBTI+ TV Programs & movies on all TV channels in NZ, that I found for you to view.
TVGURL signing off :-)

TV Picks 27MAY17 - 02JUN17

• America's Next Top Model -TV3/Bravo
• The Fosters - TVNZ2
• Coronation Street - Sat/Thu/Fri - TVNZ1
• Graham Norton Show - UKTV & TV3
• Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
--- Bravo & Sky 14 E!
• Gayby Baby - Rialto
• Brokeback Mountain - Sky 33
• Pulp Fiction - Sjy 34
• Topp Country - TVNZ1
• Alan Car Chatty Man - TVNZ1
• A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Sky 8
• Absolutely Fabulous - Jones Sky 8
• Are You Being Served - Jones Sky 8
• The Picture of Dorian Gray - TCM
• Desperately Seeking Susan - Madonna - Sky 34
• Emmerdale - Mon to Fri - TVNZ1
• The Ellen DeGeneres Show - M-F TVNZ2
• Judge Rinder - Mon to Fri - TVNZ2
• Shahs of Sunset - Bravo
• Graham Norton Big Red Chair Special - Three
• The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Sky 34
• Grey's Anatomy - TVNZ2
• Empire - TVNZ2
• Major Crimes - TVNZ1
• 28 Days - Sky 33
• The Runaways - Sky 33
• House Husbands - TVNZ1
• The Topp Twins:
--- Do Not Adjust Your Twinset - Maori TV
• All Talk with Anika Moa - Maori TV
• A Place to Call Home - TVNZ1

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