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Thursday 27 April 2017

 Fake News First?
Posted in: Our Communities  26th April 2017
It looks like Family First is cranking (...) up its anti-transgender student harassment and victimisation campaign once again, except none of the straight media outlets are paying any attention whatsoever to the latest tired set of claims from the website.

 The Way They Were: Global LGBTI Rights
Posted in: Comment  24th April 2017
In this, the second of three farewell Politics and Religion articles, Craig Young deals with the question of global LGBTI Human Rights.

 The Way We Were
Posted in: Our Communities, Comment  19th April 2017
The first of three Politics and Religion farewell articles covering a historical retrospective of LGBTI life and times in New Zealand/Aotearoa covered by over the last decade and a half.

 Russophilia: Why the Far Right Are Putin's Friends
Posted in: Comment  18th April 2017
Russophilia has become the preferred philosophical and foreign policy position of the world's rightist political and social movements.

 Peer support vital for queer and gender diverse youth
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Our Communities  18th April 2017
Queer and gender diverse youth in West Auckland are finding vital support and a safe place to connect thanks to a young changemaker in the community.

 Breaking Bad in France?
Posted in: Comment  13th April 2017
It seems as if like the Netherlands, France may buck the trend toward anti-immigrant racist populist ascendancy. So who benefits from this?

 Editorial: to 'retire' May 31st.
Posted in: Community  10th April 2017
Times change. It's time to make way for the future and at we feel it's time to stand aside and let something new emerge.

 Review: Lincoln in the Bardo
Posted in: Books  7th April 2017
At first sight, this might seem an odd place to review a brilliant piece of experimental fiction, so some explanation is in order.

 The Chechnya LGBTI Crisis
Posted in: Comment  4th April 2017
With tales about the possible arbitrary arrest and execution of LGBT Chechen citizens, it is time to background that troubled Muslim Central-Asian province of the Republic of Russia.

 Apology or not, the damage has been done
Posted in: Our Communities  3rd April 2017
All Black Lima Sopoaga is under fire for his homophobic comment in which he called team mates “gayyyyyy” because they are showing affection in an Instagram post. Although he was quick to apologise, the damage had been done.