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Monday 27 June 2016

 Brexit: Dregs of Victory?
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2016
I should confess that I prepared two alternative articles on this subject, given that the result was likely to be close. If you're reading this one, it is because the Brexit side has narrowly won the British European Union membership referendum against its Remain opponents.

 My Life Before HLR: Craig Young
Posted in: People  24th June 2016
Michael Stevens and I are almost the same age, but living in different cities seems to have had profoundly different effects on our experience of homosexual law reform.

 Trans-Versing the Gap(s)
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2016
Although much LGBTI news focus has been overseas dealing with Orlando, Xalapa and the British and Australian elections, there is the enduring issue of transgender rights in New Zealand. Fortunately, there is progress to report on this front.

 LGBT Britons and Brexit
Posted in: Comment  23rd June 2016

 Caluzzi celebrates 20 years
Posted in: Entertainment  23rd June 2016
Krd’s favourite drag cabaret venue just celebrated its 20th birthday, we chat to Caluzzi owner Campbell Orr about how it all began and what makes Caluzzi girls stand out from the rest.

 Thursday 23: Gunman's gay lover speaks out
Posted in: Features  23rd June 2016
A man claiming to be the Orlando gunman’s lover says that the mass shooting was not an act of terror but an act of revenge against Puerto Ricans after finding out one of the Puerto Rican gay men he had a threesome with was HIV positive.

 Fatigue Warning?
Posted in: Comment  21st June 2016

 The Samoa Observer Editor in Chief responds
Posted in: International News, Features  21st June 2016
In a brief interview this morning the Editor in Chief of the Samoa Observer responds to some concerns about publishing a photo of the body of a transwoman and about his subsequent apology

 The Samoa Observer's apology - word for word
Posted in: International News, Our Communities  20th June 2016
Here's the full text of the explanation and apology offered by the paper's Editor-In-Chief following outrage over the paper printing a young transwoman's body on its front page.

 The reality of LGBTI life in Mexico
Posted in: People  19th June 2016
A gay Mexican human rights advocate speaks about the reality of crimes against LGBTI people in Mexico and the response he hopes to see from the global community following the Xalapa bar mass shooting.

 Guns, Gays and Orlando
Posted in: Comment  19th June 2016

 Lives do matter
Posted in: Our Communities  19th June 2016
Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley: "The reality is that the world doesn’t even know about the clubbers at La Madame: and that’s the challenge.This is because our systems, such as the mass media and our own networks, streamline what is deemed to be worthy or important."

 Seven startling facts about our homeless glbti youth
Posted in: Our Communities  18th June 2016
In this day and age young glbti people are still being kicked out of their family homes when they come out to their parents. Their lives are bloody tough, as these seven facts illustrate...

 10.30PM: Gunman not gay? "God hates fags" group arrives for funerals
Posted in: Our Communities  17th June 2016
10.30PM Friday: FBI: Orlando gunman may not be gay after all. Gay-hating Baptist church members arrive for funerals. Trump ambushed by glbti activists.

 Do some lives count more than others?
Posted in: Our Communities  16th June 2016
At the Auckland vigil to honour the 49 killed in Orlando, nobody offered a thought to those who were killed in a grotesquely similar scenario in Mexico. Nobody knew.