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Saturday 13 February 2016

 Review: PUZZY
Posted in: Performance  13th February 2016
Before going to see PUZZY I already knew it was going to be an important contribution to theatre. How often do we see or hear narratives with a lesbian protagonist, let alone one that's a Pacific Islander?

 Ak Pride Debate: Bigger is judged to be Better
Posted in: Performance  13th February 2016
In a self-defeating debating tactic the conservative team at last night's Great Auckland Pride Debate practically begged the judges to award them at least a tie on the basis that they have yet to win a Pride Debate.

 Pride — let's all be very nice, shall we?
Posted in: Comment  12th February 2016
Phillip Patston responds to the opinion that Pride "is designed to be celebratory, fun, and inclusive. It’s not built for anger and protest."

 One for the boys
Posted in: Events  12th February 2016
Tonight’s the night, in Auckland for one night only, for the first time ever The Little Boys Room will be taking to the stage for your viewing pleasure as part of the Auckland Pride Festival.

 Words words words
Posted in: Events  12th February 2016
Is the most writing you do in a day replying to a Grindr profile? Or working out how to make yourself appealing, inscrutable and - available?

 Pride and Politics
Posted in: Comment  11th February 2016
Michael Stevens wonders whether it’s time for Pride to include space for more politics, to give a platform for real political discussion and engagement.

 Colombia and Marriage Equality
Posted in: Comment  11th February 2016
Is Colombia about to become the third or fourth Latin American society to recognise civil marriage equality after Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay? Apparently so. But how did it get there?

 Review: Et Lux
Posted in: Performance  11th February 2016
Powerful, dark and deeply troubling eroticism drives a sumptuous and magnificently performed production showcasing a wide range of awesome performance skills.

 Pronouns and video games
Posted in: Community  10th February 2016
From their first introduction to the Legacy Project in 2014, encouraged by friend Joni to audition for an acting position, Iana Grace is back again, this time as writer of The Pronoun Game.

 People like these: Cindy and Ramon
Posted in: Performance  9th February 2016
Ramon Te Wake and Cindy of Samoa take us into their troubled childhoods and journeys into adulthood which they draw on for their characters in People Like Us.

 Ak Pride festival in pictures
Posted in: Events  8th February 2016
The Auckland Pride Festival is well under way with a weekend of colourful and fun events for glbti people and their friends and supporters... here's a pictorial sampler from photographer Andrea of the Festival's first few days.

 GLBTI lives: Craig Watson
Posted in: People  7th February 2016
Get to know Proud to Play organiser Craig Watson.

 Inertial Conservatism (Recalibrated)
Posted in: Comment  5th February 2016

 Review: No More Dancing In The Good Room
Posted in: Performance  3rd February 2016
A coming out story at once like every other and still like no other... Chris Parker is compelling and magnificent and every glbti person should experience this tour de force show.

 The US Christian Right's New Tactics
Posted in: Comment  3rd February 2016
In the United States, the National Centre for Transgender Equality has alerted its catchment to the US Christian Right's latest target.