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Thursday 05 March 2015

 Celebrating 30 years of the NZAF
Posted in: Health & HIV  4th March 2015
"I have been privileged to play only a small part in this journey; some of you have been around from the beginning when the gay community responded to the AIDS crisis. We pass the baton between us in what is a marathon, not a sprint."

 2015 Comedy Fest Guide
Posted in: Events  4th March 2015
This year’s NZ International Comedy Festival once again has a massive line-up of out comedians and lgbti-interest shows, including DeAnne Smith, Urzila Carlson, Eli Matthewson and Chris Parker.

 Akl Arts Fest preview: BLAM!
Posted in: Events  4th March 2015
BLAM! uses physical theatre and stunt work to tell the story of a group of employees at the saddest office in the world who re-imagine themselves as their favourite villains and superheroes.

 Best of the Fest
Posted in: Events  2nd March 2015
Three contributors outline their highlights from the 2015 Auckland Pride Festival: Fine Fatale's Freak Show, Mika's Room 1334, the Pride Parade, the Big Gay Out and more.

 Miss Drag Pride: Dakota Vegas
Posted in: Hall of Fame  2nd March 2015
Dakota Vegas has won the tough Miss Drag Pride competition at Auckland's Family Bar. She tells us how she started out, wanting to bring something different to the NZ drag scene.

 Christchurch Pride: 2015 guide
Posted in: Events  2nd March 2015
Christchurch Pride is on the way this month and includes a massive range of events: from ice skating, coffee with bears and a celebration of vegetarian food - to parties galore.

 Rudo & Joydah's Piha Ceremony
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions  1st March 2015
Rudo and Joydah married in Piha in a ceremony which reflected their openness, creativeness, culture differences.

 Proud 'Gods and Monsters' line-up
Posted in: Events  28th February 2015
The full line-up for the Auckland Pride Festival closing party - the DJs begin at 9pm and the entertainment at 11pm at the Victoria Park complex.

 Comment: Pride
Posted in: Our Communities  27th February 2015
"Like a lot of people, I’ve been thinking about the protest at the Pride Parade last week, and observed the various exchanges on social media. It has all left a nasty taste that’s for sure."

 Review: GALS Pride Festival concert
Posted in: Performance  27th February 2015
A great concert, with GALS doing what they do best... singing with passion, cohesivenes and moments of stunning beauty

 Louisa Wall’s address to Regional Dialogue on LGBTI Rights
Posted in: Features  27th February 2015
Marriage equality champion and Labour MP Louisa Wall is in Thailand for a Regional Dialogue on LGBTI Rights.

 Dr Jared Mackley-Crump: Conversations we need to have
Posted in: Our Communities  26th February 2015
"The disturbingly narrow backlash that has been expressed so far has almost completely silenced and overwhelmed any real attempt to discuss the issues rationally and attempt an understanding of motive."

 The Curtain Falls: Final Defeat of the Manukau Anti-Sexworker Bill
Posted in: Comment, Features  26th February 2015
Parliament has finally voted down the controversial transphobic and anti-sexworker Manukau City Bill, after four years of stalemate and arduous conflict.

 On a Different Conversation
Posted in: Our Communities  26th February 2015
A conversation between lgbtiq families and an organisation that has its kaupapa in Pentecostal and Evangelical Christianity ... Lexie Matheson tells us how it went.

 Ak Pride Parade: First fifteen
Posted in: Events  24th February 2015
A random summing up of some of the frivolous and fantastic aspects of Saturday night's Auckland Pride Parade - from best drag newbie to the nastiest act and biggest balloon budget.