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Wednesday 25 November 2015

 Constitutional Reform: When and How?
Posted in: Comment  25th November 2015
Flag changes and an entrenched Bill of Rights.

 Samesame but different: NZ writing for Ak Pride
Posted in: Books  25th November 2015
A new addition to the annual Auckland Pride Festival well be a platform for NZ writers. It's the brainchild of author and filmmaker Peter Wells and he introduces here the concept and how it works.

 NZAF to Govt.: Get back in the HIV game!
Posted in: HIV, Features  23rd November 2015
In an extremely outspoken interview on the government's response to the resurgent HIV epidemic, the NZ AIDS Foundation's executive director says ten years' of loss of government focus must end right now.

 Auckland's Good, Bad and Ugly mayors
Posted in: Features  22nd November 2015
The Auckland City mayoralty over the past thirty years has see-sawed backwards and forwards between conservative and liberal, homophobic and pro-glbti equality.

 There's No Heaven
Posted in: Comment  22nd November 2015
Why are LGBT religious institutions so weak in New Zealand? Are we necessarily missing out on any aspects of LGBT culture though not having such dimensions within our own community?

 FAFSWAG Ball: Let go and own that stage.
Posted in: Entertainment  21st November 2015
We had a chat with the ever so fierce Nahora Ioane ahead of tonight’s FAFSWAG Ball to find out exactly what it takes to organise the spectacular event and prepare for such a fierce competition.

 We're more than HIV-positive
Posted in: HIV  19th November 2015
As World AIDS Day, December 1st, nears Vaughan Meneses urges the wider glbti community to embrace, not to marginalise or silence, those of us living with HIV

 13 questions for Beenie Man before Raggamuffin
Posted in: Performance  18th November 2015
He's repeatedly urged his fans to brutalise and murder gays and lesbians and he's coming to NZ for the February Raggamuffin concert. He once professed to have changed his views but it seems likely nothing has actually changed...

 No New Pariahs
Posted in: Comment  18th November 2015
In the wake of the ISIS/Daesh terrorist atrocity in Paris, it may be tempting to resort to knee-jerk racism and sectarianism. Of all people, the LGBT community should know much better says Craig Young.

 Becoming mums: Ramblings of the sleep-deprived
Posted in: True Stories  17th November 2015
There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of your newborn baby on your chest. The first time they are placed there you get hit by a bolt of lightning that shocks some entirely new emotion into life.

Posted in: Music  15th November 2015
Going strong since 1992, GALS are Auckland’s LGBTI friendly choir that’s as diverse as our communities are.

 NZ's first lesbian webseries: Pot Luck
Posted in: Entertainment  14th November 2015
It won’t be long until you can snuggle up on the couch with your flatmates, your significant other or your favourite feline friend and binge watch New Zealand’s first lesbian web series, Pot Luck.

 Stigma: Past and Present
Posted in: Politics and Religion  13th November 2015
Stigma, spoiled identity and the Prime Ministers "rapists" remark.

 Naming NZ with a little help from friends
Posted in: Our Communities  12th November 2015
Naming NZ know how difficult it can be for gender diverse youth to update their legal documents, this registered charity aims to help with the process and take on the financial burden.

 Coming out on YouTube
Posted in: People  11th November 2015
Teenage Vlogger CJ Puna talks coming out as trans via Youtube and offers others an insight into her journey.