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Wednesday 01 April 2015

1st April 2015   International News
Under immense pressure, Indiana’s Governor is now promising to support an amendment to the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to say it does not allow businesses to discriminate against lgbti... Read more

1st April 2015   New Zealand Daily News
A petition will be presented to Parliament’s Health select committee today, calling for improved healthcare for transgender and intersex New Zealanders. The petition, which has more than 400 signatures, urges... Read more

31st March 2015   International News
A new study shows Australian teenage boys are engaging in homophobia at an “alarming” rate, harming the mental health of lgbti youth and placing them at risk of suicide. The... Read more

31st March 2015   New Zealand Daily News
Name and identity suppression will continue for the complainant and defendant in the case of a 48-year old Auckland man accused of infecting another man with HIV. Earlier this morning... Read more

31st March 2015   New Zealand Daily News
Around 60 donors have chipped in to help an up and coming young transgender actress take part in a drama workshop. Thanks to the just over $1,000 raised, Central North... Read more

31st March 2015   International News
Heavyweight companies are speaking out against US states which are introducing bills allowing discrimination against lgbti people on religious grounds. Indiana has signed a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” into law,... Read more

30th March 2015   International News
The US state of Indiana is being widely criticised for introducing a bill allowing people to use religion to discriminate against lgbt people, and other minorities. Human Rights Campaign says... Read more

30th March 2015   New Zealand Daily News
Wigarama is coming back in May, and this time half the proceeds will be donated to the Cyclone Pam recovery in Vanuatu. The hair-raising fundraiser has been run for a... Read more

29th March 2015   New Zealand Daily News
Update: Organisers say Out in the car(Park) has been a wonderful day, where a rainbow even came out to play. Here are some pictures from the event: Earlier: The capital... Read more

28th March 2015   New Zealand Daily News
A petition calling for improved health services for trans and intersex people will be discussed in Parliament next week. Auckland trans and intersex advocate Tom Hamilton organised the petition with... Read more