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Tuesday 28 February 2017

27th February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
A noted HIV epidemic researcher has taken the NZ Herald to task for suggesting that gay and bisexual men are disengaging from previously ingrained safe-sex habits and that this jars... Read more

27th February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
The No Pride In Prisons activist group says its non-appearance at Saturday's Auckland Pride Parade was due to a changing focus for the organisation. Both the 2015 and 2016 parades... Read more

27th February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
Gay National list MP Paul Foster-Bell has announced he will stand down from Parliament at the end of the current parliamentary term and not contest the Wellington Central seat. Foster-Bell ... Read more

26th February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
Auckland Pride Parade lead organiser Jonathan Smith says he is "exceedingly happy" with last night's parade which featured a record 61 entries and over 3,500 people. "We were really focused... Read more

24th February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
A petition to improve the process for trans, intersex and gender diverse people to change gender on a birth certification has been heard by Government and Administration Committee at Parliament.... Read more

24th February 2017   International News
The Trump administration has now officially revoked landmark guidelines that aim to protect trans students in schools and allow them to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Reversing... Read more

23rd February 2017   International News
A man has been denied entry to the US after a Customs and Border Patrol officer read his gay hookup profiles.   Vancouver man, André was stopped before entering the... Read more

22nd February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
Māori Television is to become the very first New Zealand TV broadcaster to ever have a float in a Pride Parade. The station will feature in this Saturday’s Auckland Pride... Read more

22nd February 2017   International News
New guidelines regarding the use of bathrooms by transgender students are being drafted by the Trump administration.   Under the Obama administration, guidelines stated that trans students have the right... Read more

22nd February 2017   New Zealand Daily News
The recent Big Gay Out in Auckland was not the last time we will be seeing Parson James here on our shores, the singer songwriter has been granted a two... Read more